Focus on Fulfilling Your Mission

If you make it your mission to serve others, we’d feel honored to serve you. Take a look at how our financial coaching services can help your non-profit organization, its members, and the people who benefit from its ongoing efforts.

A Plan for Your Organization

Is your church, school, or other non-profit organization struggling to achieve its goals despite its passionate commitment to its mission? If so, the problem might lie in a mismatch between that mission and the operations that serve as the wind beneath its wings. Whether your goals include bringing glory to God, educating and aiding youth, lending critical support to those in need or any other worthy objective, your financial operations must give you the ability and security to make those goals an everyday reality. So how do you operate your organization in a way that supports your mission?

At MoneyWorks Financial Coaching, we understand that money is a means toward an end, and that even the most selfless organizations need to put a financial system in place that will provide the necessary means, not just right now but for years to come. That’s why we love working with all kinds of non-profit organizations. Through thoughtful discussions and sensible planning, we can help you organize your financial operations, streamline your processes, make more effective financial decisions, and create a workable plan to keep your non-profit alive and well. You can then spend less time tied up in money matters and more time doing what matters most to you and the community you serve.

Support for Your Team

Your non-profit organization’s team members probably give their all in support of your mission, and rightly so. But sometimes they end up making financial sacrifices in their pursuit of that mission, leaving them in a financial mess that distracts them from their good work and places them under undue stress. Could your team use some help managing their personal resources so they can make a greater contribution to the cause?

If you notice these pressures affecting the members of your organization, ask MoneyWorks Financial Coaching to lend a helping hand. We can provide an impressive array of solutions to help your staff and volunteers fine-tune their personal financial stability and effectiveness, giving them the freedom to focus on your mission. After all, they love making a difference – and so do we!

Assistance for Those You Serve

As you reach out to your community or congregation, have you noticed that some of those individuals and families need help with their financial health and wellness? You might not know how to provide that kind of advice and assistance – but we do. For instance, we frequently partner with church diaconal boards to help struggling congregants put a more effective personal financial plan in place. We’re also happy to provide seminars and webinars for churches, schools, and other kinds of non-profit organizations seeking to offer that extra degree of service. Contact us and tell us about your situation so we can help you help others!