This page may be titled “About Us” – but at MoneyWorks Coaching, we’re all about you. That’s because personal finance isn’t really about money. It’s about people, and how they can use money more effectively to achieve their goals in life.

About Us

I’m Daniel Bobick, the founder of MoneyWorks Coaching. My wealth management background as a Director at MFP Strategies and Client Management Consultant at CAPTRUST opened my eyes to the human element behind the dollar signs. I started this company because I’m comfortable talking about money in human terms – and I want to help you feel comfortable talking about it as well. I think of myself as a life coach more than a money coach, helping my clients strengthen their financial skills and knowledge so they can stop stressing about money and spend more time enjoying life.

What We Can Do for You

MoneyWorks Financial Coaching exists for one purpose: to guide individuals, couples, and organizations toward their financial safe harbor, wherever that safe harbor may lie and whatever form it may take. We do this by helping you achieve clarity about your finances, organize your financial structures and processes accordingly, and develop a consistent approach to money that will yield the results you want for the long haul.

What sets us apart? First of all, since we’re not a financial planning firm, we don’t just provide tools or products – just coaching. But our approach to thoughtful conversation sets us aside from the rest of the pack, too. We recognize that each and every situation is unique, so we take the time to understand your situation (and help you understand it!) in a safe, relaxed, judgment-free environment. Our approach emphasizes the human element of finance – that combination of mindset, mechanics, and accountability that makes for effective money management.

Let’s Start the Conversation!

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

We’ve helped folks at all financial levels, from all walks of life – and we can help you, too. Are you:

    A business owner who feels overwhelmed by personal and commercial business financial challenges?

    A retiree who needs to manage your cash flow from a fixed income as efficiently as possible?

    A couple expecting your first child?

    An employer looking to support your workers’ financial well-being?

    A church or other non-profit organization struggling to serve your community?

    Wherever you’re coming from, we can help you get where you want to go. So if you’re tired of getting the same results from your efforts at “budgeting,” if you’re ready to take action, and if you’re committed to your own success – let’s talk!