You’ve found your Safe Harbor.

We promote thoughtful conversations about your life and money so that your money stops running your life.


Are you managing your finances, or are your finances managing you? In today’s complicated world, it’s easy to get intimidated, discouraged, or confused about where your money is going or what it’s doing for you. At the same time, you might hesitate to get the professional guidance and assistance you need because it feels so strange to talk about your financial situation with, well, anyone.

At MoneyWorks Financial Coaching, we get it. We understand that talking about money to an outside party is about as comfortable as disclosing symptoms to a doctor. But just as doctors care only about making you well, we care only about helping you build and maintain a healthier financial life. Our individual and group coaching services can help you, your family, your business, or your non-profit organization enjoy a more productive relationship with money. We’re just as confidential and objective as your family doctor – and we can help you find the road to financial wellness.

Let’s Start the Conversation!

How We Get There

Find Your Direction

How do you know what to do with your money until you know where you want to go? The path to success doesn’t start with the right financial tool, but the right direction – your direction.

Set Your Course

Once we have your direction, we put a plan in place that works for you and matches your values. We don’t sell any financial products or insurance.

Keep Moving Forward

The key to financial success is not picking the next hot investment, but consistently making good decisions. Coaching helps you keep to the path that gets you the results you need.

Who We Serve

Individuals & Families

We work with folks who want to escape the “good enough” money trap. We empower you to keep moving toward their goals.

Business Owners

We work with aspiring and current business owners who want to get organized and increase their effectiveness.


Take a look at how our financial coaching services can help your non-profit organization, its members, and the people who benefit from its.